We are offering professional customs service with local knowledge.
B&M Customs Agency provides its Clients comprehensive data resources which stretch across the world. We deliver a professional and efficient service tailored to the specific needs of your business.
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B&M Customs Agency was established in 2007. We are a privately owned organization operating a network in key polish cities, employing dedicated team of individuals working in tandem with your business. This offers you peace-of-mind that we’ll be on-hand to help whenever you need us. We provide complex customs and statistical services following union regulations, polish customs system, executory provisions and conducting professional appeal proceedings in customs litigation and tax cases. B&M Customs Agency believes that both complexity and professionalism of services are key factors of our success. Driving values for Clients became a key aim for local team hired to help - Our people demonstrate high level of expertise and experience. As a company, we believe in operating as independent national representant of your customs clearance process, this means we’re able to offer you a global service with unrivalled local knowledge. Increasing demands motivate us to create further room for improvements to provide services in more efficient and streamlined manner. Whatever you’re clearing, wherever your destination, we’d happy to hear from you.


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AEO (authorised economic operators)

B&M Customs Agency was accredited by Customs as AEO (Authorised Economic Operators) in 2011. We proved to have high quality internal processes that will prevent goods in international trade. The same we ensured the integrity of information and employees and all security standards. As a result, B&M Customs Agency is a trustworthy partner that can utilize significant customs facilitations to streamline Client’ international trade processes.


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